Price List of Ready-Made Meals

Frozen or Chilled or in Your Own Dish

Price list of ready-made meals, please note prices may be subject to change.

For special orders or in your own dish please allow 2 days notice.

These sizes are our standard freezer stock, other sizes may be available, please ask.

Unfortunately we are not set up for online purchasing at the moment, been too busy in the kitchen. But please send us an email or give us a call and we will get right back to you. We are happy to organise delivery.

Dish350g700g2.8Kgper Kg
Lasagne- Bolognaise,veggie, chickenR55R122R399R156
Lasagne- Seafood, tuna &mushroomR58R132R425R132
Cottage Pie- Beef, VeggieR55R122R399R156
Bobotie- Beef, VeggieR55R122R399R156
Cannelloni- Spinach & RicottaR55R122R399R156
Lamb dishes- Karroo, Curry,
Beef dishes- Curry, Stroganoff, Goulash
Chicken- Coq au Vin, Curry, Provencal,
White Wine & Mushroom
Chicken & Mushroom PieR68R144R158
Thai Chicken CurryR55R156
Thai Veggie CurryR52R145
Roast Veg PenneR55R122
Mushroom Nut RoastR 68R135
Macaroni CheeseR55R122
Macaroni Cheese & Bacon BitsR58R125


Suggested servings:
Steamed Basmati Rice
White or Brown 200g
Plain Cous Cous 200g1R18
Cauli Mash 340g2R28
Potato Mash 340g2R25
Roasted Veggies 240g2R40
Creamed Spinach 350g2R49.50
Potato Bake 350g2R55