About us

The Market Place was established in 1994 to provide quality, freshly chilled or frozen ready-made meals and baking. Customers will experience convenience and quality. We are uncompromising in our selection of ingredients.

Because we make our ready-made meals in small batches we retain quality, freshness and consistency.

Also we are able to make your order in your own dish for added convenience. Keep a selection of ready made meals to hand. No waste, no fuss, give yourself a break!

We offer design work for printed cake toppers and other custom ice cream or sponge celebration cakes, even bespoke gingerbread cookies.

Drop in for one of our awesome pies, a sandwich, quiche or salad for lunch.

Who makes our ready-made meals?

We do, on site. Due to staff have been employed here for many years and having learned their skills on the job, they are a very strong team and take pride in what they do.

Bring us your own dishes and we will be happy to fill them. Don’t forget one of our legendary cheesecakes, but please remember to order as they get sold out very quickly.

Preparing ready-made meals
Preparing ready-made meals

About Nikki

Nikki gained her skills working for many years aboard sailing yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

After working from home for a period of time, supplying home industries and coffee shops, she opened The Market Place with a small team of staff and very limited resources.

Overcoming many challenges throughout the years Nikki has brought this fabulous food store to where it is today.

Price List of Ready-Made Meals

Frozen or Chilled or in Your Own Dish

Price list of ready-made meals, please note prices may be subject to change.

For special orders or in your own dish please allow 2 days notice.

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