Pirates & Potjie

Sunday was the day of the annual Parkview Potjie competition, we participated but it was not without incident!

Pamella asked if we could enter and I agreed, after all, I’ve never been to a Potjie competition or ever really cooked one, but, you know, how hard can it be? A size 10 (30 litres) pot, no problem!

Wanting to link into the shop with our theme, we called our team The Marketeers, and decided it was like Pirateers, so we would use a pirate décor. Shiver me timbers and all that. Continue reading “Pirates & Potjie”

Carrots and Canals

Carrots & Canals

Oh my, I’m having to learn so much with this whole website blog thing, back ends, plugins, widgets and that’s before getting onto transferring domains and Gravatars! My brain must be sprouting new neural pathways faster than Jack’s famous beansprout.

Flashback to 1983, I was living on a small sailing boat in the French Waterways surrounded by wonderful French ingredients, I needed to know how to prepare them. When I say needed, I really did, it was the beginning of a lifelong passion exploring food and its preparation. Continue reading “Carrots and Canals”

Sunday Lunch

Spicey Roasted Cauliflower

Warming Winter Spiced Roast Cauliflower with a Nut Crunch

There I am, the middle of a chilly winter Sunday, feeling somewhat peckish and cooking for one has never much inspired, me so my home cooking, well, lets just say the recipes tend to be rather simple.

A quick recce of the fridge yields a not very impressive collection of random ingredients Continue reading “Sunday Lunch”